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WelcomE to The PartnerHood

Do you ever find it difficult to self-motivate? Like you have so many things that you want to get done or need to get done, but you just can't muster the will to make yourself do them? Or you feel completely overwhelmed by all the things that need doing that you don't even know where to begin? Or would you just like to have a friend cheer you on and celebrate your achievements with you as you work towards your goals? Here you can find your own accountability partner! An accountability partner is a companion who works alongside side you as you both work towards achieving your individual goals. An accountability partner holds you accountable for the goals that you set for yourself, motivates you along the way, helps you to overcome challenges, reflect on your journey, and celebrate success. 


We are a community of accountability partners who work together both in paired partnerships and as a larger group. Here you have the opportunity to find an accountability partner and curate your own unique relationship with your partner tailored to your preferences with help of our resources and community support. Whatever your goals, whether they are career-related, health-related, relationship-related, nutritional, financial, body-transformational; you set your own goals and pick a partner to hold you accountable and help you on your path towards achievement and success!


By joining our community you will be able to access our resources on achievement and accountability, our forum where you can post to find a partner, or post in the community forum about your successes, with recommendations or ideas or ask questions of the entire community! And its completely free to join!




Why do accountability partnerships work?

We are social beings, evolved to meet our most basic needs and thrive through the benefit of our social relationships. And the same applies to our aspirations. Peer pressure, social acceptance, and group belonging are extremely powerful influences on our psychology. In fact, it is one of the most basic motivations that has developed over thousands of years of evolution. We are social by necessity because it has helped us to survive. And when we understand and appreciate this influence on our behavior, our social psychology, our motivations, and decision-making, we can capitalize on it to help us achieve great things. Many of us don't work successfully in a bubble. Yet, modern ways of working have lent to a more monastic way of life. Sitting by yourself at a computer all day and minimally interacting with others, is contrary to the way we are designed. For many of us, this way of working is extremely unsatisfying and is a detriment to our success. We need others to help us form creative connections and other's vantage points to help us widen our concept of our work. Many of us need to feel as if someone else cares even if we have a small win. It is extremely psychologically rewarding for us to have another person to celebrate our successes with us. Social recognition is powerful. It may feel silly to us that we still want to get that gold star from someone, but in fact, it is a natural and deep psychological need. Accountability partners satisfy this need by holding us accountable for the goals we set for ourselves and helping us to celebrate our achievements when we meet them. People who work with accountability partners are more inclined to set deadlines and meet them than those who don't. When we have a partner or a community to bolster us as we work toward our goals we are able to achieve more than we ever imagined possible. 

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